How to buy Bitcoin or any other crypto for zero commission ?

Hi there, I am glad that you are here. By now if you have heard about Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency such as Ethereum or Lite coin or Bitcoin Cash, then you must have heard about Coinbase , Kraken and Gemini. Now I understand you are here to find out the place / site where you can go to buy crypto for 0 commission. Coinbase or those other exchanges where you can buy crypto for Fiat charge you a lot as commission. So my advise, do not buy from those sites since you have an better option.

Robinhood provides a great platform to buy US stocks for zero brokerage. Robinhood is extending the same service for bitcoin, lite coin and some other cryptoes. You can download the robinhood app on your smart phone and then sign up and start buying cryptoes.

zero commision bitcoin
Free brokerage account

If you want to know which crypto to start with, my suggestion would be to start with Bitcoin. And no you do not need to buy a whole Bitcoin, you can start investing for as low ass $10. You get a fraction of a whole Bitcoin for now.

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Why investing in cloud mining platform is a waste of money?

Investing in cloud mining platforms is not worth it. Let me explain you why.

Resources :

Let us start with why people invest in cloud mining platform. Of course resources such as mining equipment, electricity bill to run the mining operation and of course you need to keep the mining operation cool, so that ac or fans will add up on your electricity bill.

These are investments or expenses to get the return in form of bitcoin the miner gets after mining. As long as the mining is profitable, the miner will continue mining. But keeping in mind that the miner needs to upgrade the mining equipment every once in a while to keep the mining operation profitable. So avoid these hassles and if still to keep your skin in mining game people invest in cloud mining platform.

Is the investment in cloud mining platform worth it?

Keeping in mind that the returns are not fixed. The more mining resources get deployed the difficulty of mining goes up and return goes down. As long as bitcoin price goes up, more miners will join the mining network, so chances are the mining difficulty will increase, and that means lower returns. But the increased price usually offsets the loss.

The investment you make in cloud mining platform might be a scam

Say you put in $100 in cloud mining platform today, you buy a contract. They promise to get your $100 back in 40 months ( approximately). But here is the deal, say for $100, you get .1 bitcoin today, the way they calculate your return is in dollar terms. So, the assumption here is whatever amount of bitcoin you get back after 40 months will be worth $100 and as long as bitcoin price is up in future in terms of bitcoin your return will be less than 0.1 bitcoin. So, if you directly buy bitcoin today that is 0.1 bitcoin, that will be worth more than whatever return you make in terms of bitcoin.

And you do not know if these cloud mining platforms will honor their contracts and not shut down site. I have already lost money on a site, and speaking from experience, you cannot invest or give your money to these cloud mining sites.

So, my advice go to coinbase and buy some bitcoin now. Read here to find out why investing in bitcoin is a great idea.

Invest in Bitcoin: Why should you invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital currency, I am guessing since you want to invest in Bitcoin I do not need to give every detail about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is digital Gold, or may be more than that. Let me walk you though the points and show you why Bitcoin is better than gold.

Let us first explore why people still love gold –

People still love gold because gold and silver has a legacy or being real money. These precious metals were being used as currency for long time. Other than that Gold and silver has industrial use and these metals are used in jewelry.

People who are buying gold, they probably secretly wish for hyper inflation, dollar to collapse, or world wide chaos, so that they can reap great rewards from their investment.

Why do I say that?

Gold and silver are great inflation hedge. When the whole world is in panic everyone rushes towards safe haven, that is the reserve currency  or gold. Now, if US Dollar collapses because US has such a gigantic debt then everyone will have to rush into Gold and silver, and the gold and silver price will go up. The bullion lovers will finally get great return.

Full disclosure here, I have investment in Gold and Silver. I believe precious metal is a great hedge against inflation. But I do not put all my money in Gold and Silver expecting the world to collapse, or dollar to collapse or face hyper inflation.

But what is the problem of Gold and Silver?

Precious metals are commodities, they have industrial use and they are great hedge against inflation. But, government can knock at your door and cease your precious metals. Government can put a tax on purchase or sell of metals. Precious metals are great to store value, but you need to sell it for currency before you can use your metal to make transactions. And, government can control that however they want. If you are leaving the country, can you leave with your metal in check in luggage? No!!!

Why do you need to invest in bitcoin?

Bitcoin is better than gold. Government has no control over bitcoin, nobody imports or exports bitcoin, it is decentralized and being mined all over the world. Bitcoin does not have any tax, as no government has control over it. No conversion fees on bitcoin, because bitcoin can be used as one single currencies throughout the world.  You can spend bitcoin or send it overseas to someone to spend. IT is great for remittance without any bank fees. And, then bitcoin works exactly how gold works. People panic or want to save purchasing power they put their money in bitcoin. The more people own bitcoin the more the price of bitcoin goes up.

So even if world does not collapse, bitcoin will be a great hedge against inflation. Dollar does not need to collapse to make bitcoin rise. You do not need to care of supply and demand here with bitcoin. We all know the maximum number of bitcoin will be 21 million. And many of those are already lost.

But even if world is perfect, still bitcoin is great. Like I mentioned bitcoin is great to remit money. You want to keep your life savings in bitcoin and may be take it with  you while leaving country, bitcoin is your option.

Why is it great time to invest in bitcoin?

People are not into bitcoin yet, it’s market cap is like 16 billion. People are yet to join the network. It is still early to join the group. And as with time more and more people join the network the price is bound to rise. So you can put $100 to start with. And see where your $100 goes in 2020. Invest in bitcoin today with coinbase.