The learning process

Using the concept of metacognitive knowledge (the learning processes, your beliefs about how you learn and how you think others learn; the task of learning and how you process information; and the strategies you develop and when you will use them), discuss how you would learn a new skill for your job in 6 months. Discuss each of the following areas in detail:  

  • The learning process
  • Tasks of learning
  • The strategies that you will use to meet this goal.

The learning process

I need to learn a skill (say a coding / programming skill or new computer language) in 6 months that I am given. Staying positive is crucial. I need to stay positive about the fact that I can learn the skill within the given time. I will try to think if I learned something similar in past and how did I do it, what challenges I faced and how did I overcome those. Next I will consider how others learned it. And how much time it took them to learn the skill. Moreover, what challenges they faced and how did they overcome those. Getting idea from who has acquired the skill already, will prepare me for potential impediments and I can come up with a mitigation plan early.

Tasks of learning

Before starting the learning process I will need following questions answered for myself, which are also the tasks of learning-

  • How soon can I get study material or required information about learning the new skill?
  • Will I be able to learn the skill in 6 months or will I need more time?
  • What are the study materials or information available to me to start learning?
  • Is this something I have done before? Have I learned similar skill before?
  • Is it going to be difficult to learn the skill?
  • What do I need to do to learn the skill?
  • Do I know anyone who has the skill? Can I get him as my mentor?

The strategies that you will use to meet this goal

            First I will gather any information I can get including study material or tutorials I can possible find and get an idea about the skill.

            My nextstrategy will include finding a mentor, who will guide me through course, who has done it, has the skill and will be able to help me if I get stuck and monitor my progress.

            I will try to study or put in as much hours as possible, so that I can complete learning the skill well before the deadline arrives.

            I will get some knowledge from coworkers who already have the skill and use it, to find out how they use it or what do they do with it. Just to monitor if my learning is effective and I am on right track.

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