Thin Out Hair – My journey from going thick to thin out hair

Thin Out Hair

swear in the name of God of Baldness/solemnly affirm that what I shall state shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Thin Out Hair – full head of hair is a thing of past for me

Today, I am 31, I believe I was still in my engineering college when my buddy pointed out bald spot on my crown. And, I did exactly what any other stupid kid would have done – I chose to ignore.

Fast forward few years, in the year 2008. When I was busting my hump at work, I remember my coworkers / teammates suddenly turning into fortune teller and predicting that I will go bald in one year. One guy was completely bald among them. So I could not ignore an experienced persons insight. And another guy was of my age, he actually complimented me that I do a commendable job hiding my bald spots with my thinning hair. I was not so sure it was a compliment, because it burnt me a bit , somewhere inside 🙁

There is none other than my parents I trust more on this planet. Whenever I asked them, they always consoled me saying it is not bad. After being complimented at work, I decided to check my crown area myself. I used 2 mirrors, you know how they do it in salon. what I saw, made me panic . And  I was not happy with my parents. I always prefer the bitter truth over anything. And I strongly believe one need to know and acknowledge the problem to address it. First I yelled at my parents. It is just my frustration that came out. And I was 23 years old, who just found out that his crown looks like 63 years old. How else do you think I was gonna react? Giving up is not in my DNA, keep reading.

Thin out hair – my desperate fight against hair fall

Next step, I decided to see my favorite dermatologist. At age of 31 I am not docile about him, so I will be precise without ranting. He was ( or may be he is) pretty decent dermatologist. When I had some fungal infection on my scalp, I went to see him. And his prescription of anti fungal cream and shampoo, pretty much healed me. But he prescribed mintop, that is minoxidil for 6 months, that generic minoxidil gave me terrible dandruff and caused me monthly doctor visit just to get more mintop prescribed and anti dandruff shampoo to fight the dandruff. I stopped it for a while, I do not recall for how long, may be for more that a year or so.

It was all good until the year 2008, when I was shocked after seeing my own crown, so I decided to see the doc again, and I got prescription for more generic minoxidil, finasteride ( yes the one with deadly side effect) and some anti dandruff shampoo, my hair started coming back, I was using all these till year 2011 , my hair was doing well, suddenly my dad found out about the side effects of long term use of finasteride, god knows from where, so eventually I stopped taking that and I switched to herbal alternative from himalaya, and let me tell you things went south with heavy dandruff.

Eventually I came back to minoxidil and anti dandruff shampoo. My scalp being dry, the alcohol in minoxidil always made my dandruff horrible. Scalp becomes itchy and red. After I moved to USA, I got rogain, this is the most expensive breed. But it never gives me dandruff or any itchy scalp. Unfortunately it is so expensive that I often switched to generic brands of  minoxidil. And I had to fight with dandruff with neutrogena anti dandruff shampoo.

Let’s sum it up quickly:

This is my story summed up from 2008 – 2016 November, man it was not a good one. To be honest I hated seeing myself in mirror. I was running away from all cameras. And I was sick of people commenting on my thin hair. Yeah, if you are going through the same, I feel you. I want you to know I am sharing this just to let you know that please do not feel bad. I really hope your hair comes back. And I am going to tell you next, what I did to bring them back.

Here are few disclosures :

Please note – This is not paid post, I am not making endorsing any product, if you need my opinion on any generic brand of minoxidil feel free to ask me about it, I might have used it.

I am linking my amazon affiliate links, if you decide to buy using my link, I might earn few cents, rest assured, you won’t need to pay one single cent.

Disclaimer – I am not trying to a doctor, neither am I trying to tell you what to do. I am suffering from hair loss, and I know there are people out there who do not like to see when they see thinning hair. That is why I am trying to capture my journey / experience and just trying to share, if anybody finds it helpful that would help me some good karma. And I am being 100% honest here, If you are a genuine person and have any serious question, I would love to answer you ( provided I have something to say on that). If you find my work helpful ( my English might not be very good) please feel free to make a donation, any amount helps. 

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