Men hair restoration Questions Answered

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Let’s talk men hair restoration, yes we are talking about hair transplant. But, before going in to that, we need to get answer to few basic questions.

My first question regarding men hair restoration was – does thing work? Is it permanent? 

As I came to know, for hair transplant, the follicles are taken from back of your head. And these guys are supposed to be permanent, genetically resistant to DHT, good for people with hair problem 😛

Please bear in mind, non transplanted hair still can fall off. As those are genetically not immunized to hair fall 🙁 .( shame on you hair engineer up in somewhere, so disappointed in you)

Second –  How much does it cost? 

It is expensive, so please shop around. There are cheaper options avalable overseas. But I will say you want a good quality for following reasons –

  1. I heard of people dying of anesthesia ( yea man, he went for a cheaper guy I assume)
  2. You hair is on stake ( forget about looks, and money) and we already do not have much left

So, just do not go for a surgeon because he is offering cheap pricing. You need to get enough information about his track record.

Third: Does it hurt ? Can I manage to go back to work next day? 

Every video I watched who got this procedure done, nobody mentioned too much pain, may be you need 3 days break you can go back to work.

fourth – Who will be a good surgeon ? Should I get it done in USA or should I go to India?

Finding a good men hair restoration doc was the hardest part, I kept the budget thing aside, I wanted to find someone who has lot of experience and who takes care of his patience. If you are in States, I will say try to get reviews ( on yelp) or simply good the surgeons name, YouTube is a great place to find testimonial.

I found my men hair restoration surgeon on YouTube ( yea funny and risky, I know) , but I chose to get it done in India, since I was coming here for a vacation anyway and my parents live here, so I wanted them to get a chance to nurse me once again 😛

Fifth- I wanted to  know experience of other people , positive, negative and everything 

while researching I came across bad experiences as well, such as people got swollen face , transplants falling off. And like I mentioned before, one guy died because anstesia was too much for him to handle.

So as you can imagine not everything was encouraging.

To tell you the truth, my surgeon first tested if I am allergic to the anesthesia they were going to put me on. Turned out I was okay with it , next came tetanus – man nothing happened. And turns out transplant fall off in a month naturally before they grow back, so no need to be panicked.

Disclaimer – I am not trying to a doctor, neither am I trying to tell you what to do. I am suffering from hair loss, and I know there are people out there who do not like to see when they see thinning hair. That is why I am trying to capture my journey / experience and just trying to share, if anybody finds it helpful that would help me some good karma. And I am being 100% honest here, If you are a genuine person and have any serious question, I would love to answer you ( provided I have something to say on that). If you find my work helpful ( my english might not be very good) please feel free to make a donation, any amount helps. 

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