Hair Transplant update after 3 weeks

So on tenth day from getting my hair transplant I went back to clinic. To get the stitch removed and get shampoo by the nurse. According to the nurse my scalp was dirty as  I still had lot of build ups left on my scalp.

Like I have mentioned before you start shampooing on 3rd day and continue cleaning scalp for 21 straight days.

Anyway after the nurse removed the stitch and shampoo my hair I had to visit the doctor. And this is what he told me –

Here is what to expect after 3 weeks for Hair Transplant

  1. thickness of hair never going to be like how it was when I was 18
  2. baby hairs will fall off – like 90%
  3. after 2nd month new hairs will come out from implanted follicles
  4. he said to apply minoxidil for 1 year

But here is the thing, once you start minoxidil you cannot stop it, so do not stop using minoxidil. May be not twice daily but apply once everyday.

Today is 11th December. And I had my hair transplant done on 22nd November. So, baby hairs have fallen off and the donor area has very mild pain. I stopped taking painkiller after 3rd day from transplant.

I am continuously applying the fucid cream on the donor area all this while. It does not hurt all the time, but when I try to rest, it hurts, and the area is numb.

I can use comb or get a hair cut after 21 days from hair transplant. So yes, you can go back to normal routine. Before 21 days, combing or using your nails to scratch on the scalp is not an option.

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