Hair Loss Cure-Before removing the stitches

I searched for hair loss cure for years, finally I decided to get hair transplant. Nothing else worked. Anyway here is update after 10 days from hair transplant surgery.

Here is quick update post 10 days after hair loss cure surgery

Today is 2nd December, 2016, been more than 10 days now. I have posted picture of the donor area. It has healed just fine. And today I am going to get rid of the stitch. Yes, there is a discomfort when I rest my head on pillow but there is no pain. And I stopped taking pain meds after 3 days of surgery.

I have been shampooing since 3rd day but very gently. If you could enlarge and check, scalp is not clean and grafts look like beard. In the grafted area , there are build ups . I guess that is blood and sebum. These are crusts and I did not put any pressure to clean them. Today when I visit clinic they are going to shampoo and clean the scalp ( I guess). There is no pain on the grafted area.

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Disclaimer – I am not trying to a doctor, neither am I trying to tell you what to do. I am suffering from hair loss, and I know there are people out there who do not like to see when they see thinning hair. This is why I am trying to capture my journey / experience and just trying to share, if anybody finds it helpful that would help me some good karma. And I am being 100% honest here, If you are a genuine person and have any serious question, I would love to answer you ( provided I have something to say on that). If you find my work helpful ( my english might not be very good) please feel free to make a donation, any amount helps.

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