Balding Man – When did I decide to get Hair transplant?

Balding Man

Balding man

Yes, after using minoxidil ( this is the active active ingredient not a brand), to be specific “Rogain” ( yes the pricey one) is my favorite. Since it dose not give me dandruff. But I occasionally use Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo to keep my scalp cool, itch free to be specific.

Balding Man
Balding Man

Oh one more thing, I use rogain just one time each day, before going to bed. But the recommended dose is twice daily. I am a morning person and do not want to smell like alcohol when I go out. And I have mentioned before I did not take finasteride after 2011. But I did try some herbal supplements, such as “Saw Palmetto” , “Biotin” and “Ashwagandha”.

I was one sad balding man 🙁

To be honest, nothing brought my hair back. But probably they did a good job slowing down my hair loss process. I am a 85 born, and I did not like the way I looked. Looking myself at mirror made to sick to my stomach. And, yes, I have mirror phobia. Call me insecure, but I am just being honest, it is what it is without fabricating.

Balding man got an idea 🙂

I decided of getting Hair Transplant, and yes, I had millions of questions, millions of doubts, lot of money to spend, I did not know where to get it, how to handle it. It was a grey area for me.

My first question was – does thing work? Is it permanent?

second –  How much does it cost?

Third: Does it hurt ? Can I manage to go back to work next day?

fourth – Who will be a good surgeon ? Should I get it done in USA or should I go to India?

Fifth- I wanted to  know experience of other people , positive, negative and everything

Disclaimer – I am not trying to a doctor, neither am I trying to tell you what to do. I am suffering from hair loss, and I know there are people out there who do not like to see when they see thinning hair. That is why I am trying to capture my journey / experience and just trying to share, if anybody finds it helpful that would help me some good karma. And I am being 100% honest here, If you are a genuine person and have any serious question, I would love to answer you ( provided I have something to say on that). If you find my work helpful ( my English might not be very good) please feel free to make a donation, any amount helps. 

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