Salad And Pizza Restaurant in Chesterfield MO Crushed Red Review

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After my project in Boston got over, I got assigned to a project in St. Louis MO. It was not exactly in downtown, St. Louis, but near Chesterfield MO. After landing there the first thing I had to look for is a salad restaurant in Chesterfield. Well, you guessed it right, I was trying to lose weight in July, 2017 and this is November, and I am still trying to lose weight. That is the bad news, mostly for me. But good news is, I found a salad place and that is pretty awesome, so this post is going to be about salad and pizza restaurant in Chesterfield MO Crushed Red.


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When I was looking for a place to eat in Chesterfield, the first place I noticed was St. Louis Bread, it is nothing but good old Panera Bread. After eating dinner there every night my coworker and I were getting pretty bored, so we were mixing it up with Korean ber be que place and Japanese and Thai place. But like I said I am still trying to lose weight, if anything, I do not want to gain weight. And it was very important to avoid those 2000 calorie dinners. Hence I was looking for a salad place in chesterfield.


crushed red soup and salad

One evening while we were getting out of Panera ( in the valley, you have take Exit 19, and you will notice Trader Joes on right and St Louis Bread on left. You will find the Crushed Red just opposite to St Louis Bread , next to Chipotle and a Japanese restaurant) we noticed “Crushed Red” , we thought we should give it a try. We were looking for some leafy green and we were bored with Panera / St. Louis Bread. So we went back for lunch next day. Let me warn you, during lunch time the place gets pretty crowded, we went there around 11.30 am. It is spacious inside and they have few tables outside too. You can order soup , Pizza or Salad. The menu is simple, not thousands of items. of, and around Halloween they were serving chili and flat bread taco. The only confusing thing I found about them was the name, why is it Crushed Red ? Shouldn’t it be Crushed Green? Anyway, that did not change the taste of the butternut squash soup or chipotle chicken salad or osuth of the border salad, so I was good.

Salad Restaurant Chesterfield

They make the salads in front of you. Meat was pretty fresh and the taste was great too. There is a tiny problem though, that is the price, I guess Crushed red is an expensive salad place that st Louis Bread is. I will let you be the judge and post few receipts , so you can decide. During dinner time, you wont find the restaurant crowded.

crushed red receipts


I do not think one can call this place romantic, there was no music or whatever, but the place is spacious, with great service and you will be greeted when you enter. So Crushed red is a great salad restaurant in Chesterfield MO, and I will be going back there for sure.


I am not sure if it good for big groups, I did not see any big table or I do not know if you can reserve a table there. It is just a casual dinner place, and I am pretty happy with the food quality. And the location is great too, if you are bored with Crushed red, you can try out the Japanese place next door or Chipotle or go to next block to grab a sandwich from St Louis Bread. And ifyou want some meant, just go to the other side near the Trader Joes and you will find the Korean place we used to go.