How to Lower Electric Bill?

In this article I am going to tell you how to lower electric bill. Do not worry, all the ways are extremely safe as those are all legal. Bill Trim is a service that you can use to negotiate rates and bring that down. Bill trim saves you money and whatever they save you, they will keep 25% of it, so, if bill trim saves you $100, they will take a cut worth $25.

Anyway, let’s just move on to other methods.

How to Lower Electric Bill –

  1. Switch to led light, they usually consume less electricity and save you money.
  2. Use smart thermostat, that will pay off it’ price in long run.
  3. Use washing machine / Drier or Dish washer in night time. Non peak hours usually cost you less.
  4. Take shorter shower – reducing your shower time by 1 min will save you $25 every year
  5. During summer keep your AC on 78 F and use fan, it will give you a feel of 73F keeping cooler and keep your wallet fuller
  6. Don’t let idle appliances or electronics suck power. You can use smart plugs or smart power strips to reduce power consumption.
  7. Use Bill Trim, and let them negotiate all your bills on your behalf, whatever they save you keep 75% of savings. Pretty good deal for doing nothing. Bill trim can help you reduce your cable bill, your cell phone bill, home phone bill, internet, home security etc. You can get $25 to let them work on 3 of your bills, sign up for bill trim.

So here you have 7 ways to save on electric bill, let me know if you have any questions, or if you have any special tip share in the comment. Thanks for your time.