Google fi review – Get $20 to sign up

Google fi- may be America’s least talked about cellular network. I was using T-Mobile before switching to Google Project fi. I do not remember, how I heard about google fi, most probably on a forum, and I signed up. Brand name “Google” was enough for me to sign up for this on day one of project launch. Now let us do the Google Fi review.

Why did I switch to Google fi?

I was using T mobile, with unlimited call, unlimited text and unlimited data. And it was costing me $80 per month. I hope I got the number right. Anyway, it does not matter. I wanted to reduce my monthly expense on cellular phone. When I saw Google is launching “project fi” and offering unlimited call and text for $20 / per month, I immediately signed up. Here is the thing though, you need to have a google phone, be it nexus or pixel, that is the worst part about being a customer of google fi.

Google fi review now

Google Fi Review – Let’s dig deeper

How much do you need to spend per month on project fi ?

You get unlimited call and text for $20 a month. Every GB data is $10. IF you are traveling abroad, per minute call is 20 cents and 1 gb data costs $ project fi latest

Should you switch to project fi?

I will give you 3 scenarios –

  1. If you have nexus or pixel already you are perfect candidate to switch google
  2. In case you want to spend less on phone
  3. If you do not require lot of data or have wi fi access at home or work

How is the customer support ?

It is awesome, you can chat or email. I get great support whenever I need.

project fiGoogle fi review 2017

Cons of using project fi

Data is bit costly if need lot of mobile data. If you watch videos on the go, it might be really expensive for you. One more thing, you can be a customer if you are resident of USA.

But project fi provide cheaper family plan, in case that is what you need. I hope you found the Google Fi review useful, you canĀ sign up clicking here and get a $20 sign up bonus.