How to Maximize savings from BJs annual membership?

Well, I will keep it simple and silly. And share few tips to maximize savings from BJs annual membership. I usually get my groceries and pretty much everything from Bjs. Friday my coworker took my membership card so I had to go to Star Market. I wanted to pick up a fruit salad, the price kind of shocked me. I guess, I got used of seeing price tags in BJs. Same thing for eggs.

So my point is, BJs really help you save money on regular purchases. As long as you are not going to waste those big box purchases, may be you can save quite a bit every year. I got my membership with a deal from Amex, so it costed me $25. You might get such deals on Groupon too.

Maximize savings from BJs annual membership

To keep it simple and silly, I used my credit cards wisely. Chase Freedom and Discover IT, they have 5% cashback from wholesale club. I just made sure I used those cards to get 5% cashback from all my trips.

As long as you have a good credit score, you can get those cards too. Moreover, if you already have such credit cards that offer 5% cashback, you just need to use them.

That was my in store method, now here is another way to save, if you are shopping online. Use befrugal or ebates to earn more cashback, along with your credit card cash backs. You can read more about it here.

Okay, we are done about the cash backs we can earn online or in store. What about savings from coupon? BJs send a coupon booklet every month, and they do have in store coupons. On top of that they will accept manufacturer coupons too. All that means more savings for you.

I hope my tips above will help you maximize savings from BJs annual membership, if you have any more suggestion for me, feel free to share in in the comment.