Where to find Indian sweets in Quincy MA ?

There is one Indian grocery store in Quincy South shore Indian store, there is a management change recently and their shelves are fully stocked up now. The previous manager was useless and there was hardly anything available.


So yesterday I picked up two boxes as you can see in the picture. I would not say those sweets are great or fresh, in fact, those are bit dry but not rancid. So if you are looking for Indian grocery or Indian sweet you should visit 226 Quincy Ave Braintree, Massachusetts 02184. Here is the Yelp link https://www.yelp.com/biz/south-shore-india-market-braintreeindian sweets in quincy

Review of Qatar Airways – Boston to Kolkata| Is it allowed to carry laptop in carry on luggage?

I visited India in November – December, 2017. I took Qatar Airways from Boston, as it took around 20 hours and costed me $1400. Of course, I took coach / economy class ticket.

The flight from Boston to Doha was pretty nice. I do not know if it was 747 or something else, but the leg space was just fine. I took a flight on Sunday and the plane was not crowded. The middle seat was empty. We got a small bag with ear plugs, lip balm, mini tooth brush and tooth paste.

The food was crappy for me, as I requested low fat meal. And the taste was not good. While returning I requested gluten free mean, it was not good either. But it is airlines meal, you do not reserve a right to complain.

The flights were on time and there was no issue with luggage either. Just so that you know I am a repeat customer of Qatar Airways.

I did not feel like eating in the flight from Doha to Kolkata, you guessed it right, the low fat meal was not appetizing enough, and I was not hungry enough. But, the flight attendants were nice enough request me many times. From Doha to Kolkata I was alone in 3 seats. And there was no delay in the flight or luggage delivery.


qatar airways review

While returning I changed the meal preference from low fat to gluten free. Anyway, the food was not impressive. From Kolkata to Doha flight, the flight was nice. There is a usb port, so you can charge your phone. In Doha my laptop was checked and sealed as you can see in picture above. I do not know if I was allowed to open laptop tearing the seal or not, I was not told anything, but there was a print on the bag, cautioning against tampering. But I saw a passenger on flight using macbook. So, I do not know if one should open the sealed bag and use laptop or not, my suggestion ask the people sealing your bag.

From Doha to Boston, the flight was nice too. I got some sleep too. Although I was surrounded by 2 – 3 crying babies. Use ear plugs or earphones. I took my flight on Sunday morning, and the flight was empty.

Again I got the bag containing tooth brush, tooth paste, ear plug etc.


If you have question post below, I will get back to you

Salad And Pizza Restaurant in Chesterfield MO Crushed Red Review

flight to stl from boston

After my project in Boston got over, I got assigned to a project in St. Louis MO. It was not exactly in downtown, St. Louis, but near Chesterfield MO. After landing there the first thing I had to look for is a salad restaurant in Chesterfield. Well, you guessed it right, I was trying to lose weight in July, 2017 and this is November, and I am still trying to lose weight. That is the bad news, mostly for me. But good news is, I found a salad place and that is pretty awesome, so this post is going to be about salad and pizza restaurant in Chesterfield MO Crushed Red.


water served in Southwest flight

When I was looking for a place to eat in Chesterfield, the first place I noticed was St. Louis Bread, it is nothing but good old Panera Bread. After eating dinner there every night my coworker and I were getting pretty bored, so we were mixing it up with Korean ber be que place and Japanese and Thai place. But like I said I am still trying to lose weight, if anything, I do not want to gain weight. And it was very important to avoid those 2000 calorie dinners. Hence I was looking for a salad place in chesterfield.


crushed red soup and salad

One evening while we were getting out of Panera ( in the valley, you have take Exit 19, and you will notice Trader Joes on right and St Louis Bread on left. You will find the Crushed Red just opposite to St Louis Bread , next to Chipotle and a Japanese restaurant) we noticed “Crushed Red” , we thought we should give it a try. We were looking for some leafy green and we were bored with Panera / St. Louis Bread. So we went back for lunch next day. Let me warn you, during lunch time the place gets pretty crowded, we went there around 11.30 am. It is spacious inside and they have few tables outside too. You can order soup , Pizza or Salad. The menu is simple, not thousands of items. of, and around Halloween they were serving chili and flat bread taco. The only confusing thing I found about them was the name, why is it Crushed Red ? Shouldn’t it be Crushed Green? Anyway, that did not change the taste of the butternut squash soup or chipotle chicken salad or osuth of the border salad, so I was good.

Salad Restaurant Chesterfield

They make the salads in front of you. Meat was pretty fresh and the taste was great too. There is a tiny problem though, that is the price, I guess Crushed red is an expensive salad place that st Louis Bread is. I will let you be the judge and post few receipts , so you can decide. During dinner time, you wont find the restaurant crowded.

crushed red receipts


I do not think one can call this place romantic, there was no music or whatever, but the place is spacious, with great service and you will be greeted when you enter. So Crushed red is a great salad restaurant in Chesterfield MO, and I will be going back there for sure.


I am not sure if it good for big groups, I did not see any big table or I do not know if you can reserve a table there. It is just a casual dinner place, and I am pretty happy with the food quality. And the location is great too, if you are bored with Crushed red, you can try out the Japanese place next door or Chipotle or go to next block to grab a sandwich from St Louis Bread. And ifyou want some meant, just go to the other side near the Trader Joes and you will find the Korean place we used to go.

How to Reduce Internet Bill with AskTrim?

If you are looking for “How to Reduce Internet Bill”  then look no further. But then this will work only in USA, if you are not resident of Unite States , I am sorry that I could not help you. Saving money on Internet Bill can be a hassle if you think calling the internet service and negotiating with them, then you are up for a bad time. But there are negotiators who can help you negotiate on your behalf. AskTrim , BillTrim negotiate your bills on your behalf. And that is how to reduce internet bill easily.

Here is a screenshot from my AskTrim portal, showing that they have reduced my bill and saved me $143. Did I just confuse you? I guess I did. They charge you 25% fee. So, out of the $180 they saved me they charged me $45 and they charged me $2.5 fee for saving me $10.How to Reduce Internet Bill

How to Reduce Internet Bill

How to Reduce Internet Bill with AskTrim?

You have to go to AskTrim and after you sign up and log in, check out the right side of the portal. Then go to “Bill Negotiation” and add your internet provider.

They will scan for internet outage and if there is an outage for your account, they will get you a discount on internet bill.

And whatever you are paying for internet bill, they will negotiate your internet bill. Even if you are already on lowest internet plan. So, yes there is a chance you will save money on your internet bill. So, sign up for AskTrim now. And it is free to join. They take the 25% cut only and only if they save you money. If they do not save you money, they would not charge you a dime.

And I got a good customer service so far, so if you have a question or you want to know How to Reduce Internet Bill with AskTrimyou can directly reach out to them.

How to Reduce Internet Bill with asktrim

How to Save Money with BillTrim?

You and I or anyone else can Save Money with BillTrimThere is one catch though, you can save money on your bills, but to save money you have to pay the bill first. So if you do not have any bill to pay, you do not need to visit BillTrim, otherwise I suggest that you spend 5 minutes and read this and visit the site.

How to Save Money with BillTrim

BillTrim negotiated with the companies on your behalf. Be it your land phone company or Car insurance company, BillTrim can negotiate your rates and reduce them. And trust me they will never negotiate to increase your bill or rate. You might wonder why? Simple – they get paid when you save money, they do not make anything when your bill goes up. They take 25 cents out of every $1 they save. Well, you get to save 75 cents for doing nothing, isn’t that great?

which bills BillTrim can work with

Well here is the llist –

Cable TV

Home Phone

Cell phone Bill

Internet Bill

Car Insurance

Electricity Bill

Home Security Bill

and any other bills.

Does BillTrim support any provider?

Yes, you can add / upload just any bill and they will work you if they need any more information and then they will take your bill and go to work. Their work is negotiating, and hopefully you will see your bills drop. Yes it is that simple. But you have to add a credit card too, so when they save for you, they can take their fees out, again that is 25% of total saved amount. That means if they save you $100, you will pay $25 as fee, that means that is a savings of $75 and if they do not save anything – you do not pay anything.

Now you can get started today and get a $25 to start, just sign up and submit your bills and let BillTrim save on your bills.

How to Lower Electric Bill?

In this article I am going to tell you how to lower electric bill. Do not worry, all the ways are extremely safe as those are all legal. Bill Trim is a service that you can use to negotiate rates and bring that down. Bill trim saves you money and whatever they save you, they will keep 25% of it, so, if bill trim saves you $100, they will take a cut worth $25.

Anyway, let’s just move on to other methods.

How to Lower Electric Bill –

  1. Switch to led light, they usually consume less electricity and save you money.
  2. Use smart thermostat, that will pay off it’ price in long run.
  3. Use washing machine / Drier or Dish washer in night time. Non peak hours usually cost you less.
  4. Take shorter shower – reducing your shower time by 1 min will save you $25 every year
  5. During summer keep your AC on 78 F and use fan, it will give you a feel of 73F keeping cooler and keep your wallet fuller
  6. Don’t let idle appliances or electronics suck power. You can use smart plugs or smart power strips to reduce power consumption.
  7. Use Bill Trim, and let them negotiate all your bills on your behalf, whatever they save you keep 75% of savings. Pretty good deal for doing nothing. Bill trim can help you reduce your cable bill, your cell phone bill, home phone bill, internet, home security etc. You can get $25 to let them work on 3 of your bills, sign up for bill trim.

So here you have 7 ways to save on electric bill, let me know if you have any questions, or if you have any special tip share in the comment. Thanks for your time.

How To save money with AskTrim?

Before we go to the topic “how to save money with AskTrim”, let us first quickly see what you can do with AskTrim.

The concept is simple –

you let AskTrim monitor all your accounts and credit cards. And you have to allow AskTrim monitor your comcast and auto insurance policy too.

What does AskTrim do monitoring accounts?

  1. Monitors for any subscription you might have and notifies you
  2. Brings you offers to save money on Grocery , Movies, restaurant etc
  3. AskTrim can find you better rate on Auto Insurance
  4. AskTrim monitors outages for Comcast in your area and can save you money

How To save money with AskTrim?

You got the idea, you have to link all your accounts and credit cards along with your comcast and amazon accounts with AskTrim. AskTrim will alert you if they find any subscriptions, you can cancel and save money outflow. Or if they find any money saving deals. The savings on Comcast or Amazon price drop is not entirely free, for every saved $ they charge you 25 cents. But you still keep 75 cents on each $ saved. And that is pretty much how to save money with AskTrim.

Sign up for AskTrim and learn how to grow the money you saved with AskTrim here.

How to use credit card wisely ?

In the year 2008, I had to take a course on a Credit card and get certified on credit cards.  I work in the tech sector, but my project was on credit cards. So I had to know how the sector works. Over the year working with financial companies taught me How to use a credit card, and I want to tell you a few basic things today.

First of all, consider credit card to be your friend. And if you choose your friend carefully it can be rewarding.

Why is credit card better than Debit card?

Credit cards offer you rewards, cash back or gift cards, most of the debit card do not.

  1.   Debit card directly transfers your own money to merchants account for the commission they earn is little, so they cannot really return any reward to the consumer. On the other hand, credit card charges a fee to settle amounts, and they can return their part of the profit to consumers in form of points/rewards.
  1.  You get around 50 days to pay off the debt without paying any interest, assuming you are not taking a cash advance. Debit card, if you are paying from an account that has some interest, you lose the interest.
  2. A credit card lets you dispute any fraudulent activity, a debit card does that too. But the amount to return to your account it takes a lot of time, with a credit card, you get the disputed amount next day or sooner.

How to use a credit card

Here are few do’s and don’ts and as long as you follow these credit card will remain your friend that won’t stop giving.

  • When you apply for the card to make sure your credit score is great and you are not going to get declined. If your application is rejected, you take one unnecessary hit on your credit report. How do you know if your credit card application will get approved? Sign up for credit karma, it will show you, your approval odds. Make sure you do not apply for a card with an annual fee.
  • Apply for a cashback or rewards credit card. And some cards have 5% cashback on grocery or 5% on online shopping period. Use those cards to maximize your cash back.
  • Try to keep usage to a minimum. Well, say your credit limit is $10000, try to keep your balance below $2000. Lower your balance, that will make your credit score better.
  • Just paying the minimum payment is not going to cut it. When I took my course, I learned that best consumer for credit card companies is those who just pay the minimum balance. You end up paying a massive interest rate, maybe 20% or more on the credit card loan.
  • In case you are not being able to pay off balance, try balance transfer. There are cards those offer you 0% apr balance transfer for a year or so, that is enough interest-free period to pay off the credit card. But, you have to have the credit score to be eligible.

Bonus tip

  • The points above are enough to tell you how to use a credit card, but here is one bonus tip. Try checking your transaction details every couple of days. You never know when your credit card information gets stolen. If you cannot identify a transaction, you can dispute that online or by calling the bank.

So that’s How to use a credit card?

well, No. You are not supposed to be reckless with a credit card. You need to practice self-restraint. Use your credit card just instead of cash or debit card. Do not go on a shopping spree using your credit limit. So, try to pay off your balance in full every month. Develop a mentality, that credit card is an instrument to generate or get back portion of the money that you spend, and stick to it.

How to save and Grow Money?

My father opened a bank account for me, actually a saving account when I was 8. Well, my father was a banker, regardless it was a great gift, making me realize the importance of saving money. Over the years I learned how to save and grow money. I just want to share a bit of what I have learned over the years. So let’s see How to save and Grow Money.

How to save money? 

Saving money is a habit. If you have a social safety net, you might not realize how important it is to have your own safety net, so that on a rainy day you can relax a bit and may be enjoy the rain.

I am not your financial coach, so I am not going to preach, how much or how you should save money. You can read Tony Robbin’s MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom” and “Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook” to understand the importance of saving vs spending and how you can save. Personally, I always followe Warren Buffet’s advise. I save a portion from paycheck, does not matter how big or small my paycheck was or is and then I spent the rest. Read the books and develop your own strategy.

How to save and Grow Money?

Now that you have developed a strategy of saving money, you need another one to grow your money. And how do you grow your money?

With bank CD rates going down and the interest rate you earn on savings from bank, keeping your money your bank means allowing inflation eat away your purchasing power.

So what do you do? Stock and bonds can be your friend if you know how to play the game. And the books I recommended will tell you why you have to be in it to win it.

But I am sure you have questions.

Where should you invest? How to maximize your returns?

Or, what should be your portfolio allocation based on your investment horizon and risk tolerance?

Low Cost brokerage and robo- advisers are life savers to keep overall cost low. And how do the robo advisers keep the cost low?

They have automated the asset allocation part and they invest your money in index fund. Why index fund or what is so good about the index funds? To know you can read unshakable by Tony Robbins.

Low or Zero Cost brokerages and wealth managers

IF you want to buy individual stocks or REITS or MLPS use Robinhood app, and I have reviewed it here, this is zero cost brokerage account. For more details please check here.

Now, my most favorite is Wealth Simple – because for first $5000 investment there is no management fee. So you can automate your saving with WealthSimple and forget about it. May be it will be your emergency fund. Based on your risk profile, WEalthsimple will allow you to choose portfolio and type of funds you want to invest your money in.

Nest is Betterment. They have earned a reputation for being low cost and they provider you a great comprehensive view for your portfolio. Moreover, you can rollover your IRA or 401K or start a new one with them. Since they are low cost you save a ton of money in fees over the lifetime. And if you need help they have people who can help you out too.

Just to recap, automate your savings ( you can use Wealthsimple or BetterMent to do that) and keep your fees to minimum , hence I use RobinHood, because I do not pay any brokerage fee while I purchase stocks.

I hope you have read MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook and know why index funds are better. So just get in the game, because you have to be in it to win it 🙂

I hope you have better idea on How to save and Grow Money it, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I would be more than happy to help you out. And thanks for your time

How to make money with android wear?

If you have android wear and if you want to make money with your android wear, this is the article you need to read to find out How to make money with android wear

I am living in Boston since July 2016. And I was working on Boyle stone street. Although I used to take train to commute to work, I got some walking done too. I walked to my T station and then I used to get down at Park Street station to walk to walk. Boston commons was a good enough reason for me to walk when it is not snowing.

Anyway, last year fall I got an email from my insurer, they were having a competition. The competition was about walking for 6 weeks straight and whoever walked most was going to get $150. It was a good enough reason for me to enroll, ass I was already walking more than 5 miles everyday.

The competition ended and I did not win any prize, it was a team effort and my team did pretty bad late in last week and we finished at 2nd place that was as bad as finishing last.

I did not stop walking, and was searching another way to monetize my step ever since. I found https://www.myachievement.com and you can connect your “moves” app with this web site and let it track the steps you walk or any health related tweet you send out and you make few cents every day. But Moves was not good enough. Move itself does not work all the time as you do not have your phone on you 24/7 and moves does not track any step inside apartment.

How to make money with android wear?

After I got my new Samsung Gear S3 Classic from Amazon, I installed Samsung health on my motorola nexus 6p. Surprisingly I found out that Achievement.com supports Samsung health. And since my watch is always on my wrist, it tracks almost all the steps I take and tracks my sleeping timings too. And that converts to $ in https://www.myachievement.com/


How to make money with android wear
How to make money with android wear

Let me tell you few things about achievement.com –

It has an app , you have to install in your android device. And then connect it from Samsung Health. And Achievement.com will automatically track an data that gets recorded in your Samsung Health app.

You can redeem your points once you reach 10000 points.

The app does not drain out much battery out of your device. And this is how you can make money with your android wear.

And if you do not own an android wear, then just install moves and keep your pocket in your phone. As long as location is turned on, and you are walking outside, moves will track your step. And achievement.com can sync with moves. And you still make $ without an android wear. But now you know How to make money with android wear.


If you have any questions or you need help to make money with your android wear, then leave a comment below.